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Overstock Ups Investment in Bitt, Furthering Digital Currency Issuance by Central Banks

Today, Overstocks Medici Ventures doubled down on its investment in the realm of digital currency for central banks. The additional $3 million dollar investment in Caribbean blockchain-based digital payment provider signals a reaffirmation of Overstock and Medicis belief in the ability of digital currencies to become the de facto means of payment transactions.Medici Ventures originally invested $4 million in the Barbados-based fintech company in 2016. At the time of the initial inves

Japan Toughens Oversight, Penalizes Cryptocurrency Exchanges

In its most sweeping crackdown yet, a Japanese regulator has penalized seven cryptocurrency exchanges, requiring two to halt operations for one month. Japans Financial Services Agency FSA announced today, March 8, 2018, that it came down on the exchanges due to their failure to provide proper internal-control systems. All of the exchanges were ordered to step up efforts to improve security and prevent money laundering.Business suspension orders were issued for FSHO and Bit Station, effective

Russian IT Giant Mail.Ru Enables Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Payments

One of the biggest Russian IT holdings, Mail.Ru Group, is allowing advertisers and the owners of advertising sites to pay and be paid with cryptocurrencies on the advertisement platform myTarget. Mail.Ru Group is the worldwide technology company which unites three big social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and My World ICQ messenger mobile ads service Youla popular online games Warface, Allods Online, Armored Warfare and Skyforge food delivery platform Delivery Club and ridesharing service

MetaMask Lets You Visit Tomorrows Distributed Web in Todays Browser

One of the most promising concepts of second-generation blockchains is that of dApps or decentralised applications. These are apps built on top of a blockchain. To date, few have made the headlines with the exception, perhaps, of CryptoKitties, but there is a an increasingly large amount being pushed to the Ethereum mainnet, and even more in the works State of the Dapps lists a range of projects in various stages of development.MetaMask will let users interact with these dApps using only the

Op Ed Could an Amazon Token Become a Viable Worldwide Cryptocurrency

Combining the benefits of a utility-based cryptocurrency and a company that exhibits the characteristics of a power law network creates the perfect opportunity for a globally adopted cryptocurrency the Amazon Token.Amazons Full-Circle EconomyIn this hypothetical futuristic scenario, Amazon extends on the suite of products and services it provides customers in 2018 including online shopping, physical grocery, web services, artificial intelligence, internet of things, video and music streaming

Week in Review Defining Moments in Cryptocurrencies

While Japan has been cracking down more on cryptocurrency exchanges recently, we see the state of Wyoming opening things up to make the state more attractive to the technology. At the same time, the SEC defined ICOs as money transmitters and crypto exchanges as money exchange businesses. It is rapidly becoming easier to run afoul of these quickly changing clarifications and find yourself in hot water.On the lighter side, words such as cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO are joining Bitcoin in

De Soto Inc. Where Eminent Domain Meets the Blockchain

Just as a countrys borders drawn on a globe arent often exact, neither are the lines drawn on individual properties around much of the world. De Soto Inc., a socially-conscious joint venture between subsidiary Medici Ventures, Overstock founder Patrick Byrne and world-renowned Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto, has plans to solve the problems of property titles with a developed global property registry system utilizing decentralized blockchain technology.The vision of de Soto

Cryptocurrency News Round-Up From Russia Highlights

This is the first in a series of weekly news highlights about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Russia. Last weeks headlines included an endorsement of blockchain technology from President Putin, tax exemptions for cryptocurrencies and a legal decision that prevented the seizure of cryptocurrency assets in a bankruptcy case.Putin Endorses Technological Development in RussiaDuring his conversation with Herman Gref, the head of Russias largest bank, Sberbank, Russian President Vladimi

Wyoming Blockchain Bill Rockets Ahead for Signing

In a landmark development for blockchain advancement, Wyomings state legislature has cleared what is known as House Bill 70 HB 70, which exempts various types of crypto assets from securities laws. The bill was originally passed by Wyomings House of Representatives last month on February 20. It is now headed to Governor Matt Mead for signature. According to public records, it passed by a vote of 273, with no senators abstaining. This final vote, which was expected to occur last week, was held

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICO Make Their Merriam-Webster Dictionary Debut

Anyone needing an established definition for cryptocurrency, blockchain or ICO now has a trusted resource the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. On March 5, 2018, Merriam-Webster announced the addition of 850 new words, phrases and new meanings for existing words to and to the Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary print edition.n Oh hey. Cool news. We added 850 new words to the dictionary! https// Merriam-Webster MerriamWebster March 5, 2018nnnnnnnnnn

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